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Horsepower Brakes is one of Australian leading supplier of brake friction products. We import and congregate range of the worlds’ best quality, premium brake products from various reliable, experienced manufacturers around the globe.

Our range of brake pads and shoes can be a great example of this. They are supplied by the same manufacturers as those famous brand exporting to Japan. They are in high quality and within JIS-D4411 Japan Industrial standard. And they are now proudly introduced by Horsepower into Australia. While purchasing Horsepower’s products, we guarantee that you are not paying for a name; you only pay for the quality.


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We endeavor to pass on the importance of road safety

The brake systems responsible for reducing the speed of a vehicle; stopping and preventing over acceleration when driving downhill and keeping the vehicle stationary when still or parked. Horsepower Brakes, as an ethical seller, we understand that vehicle’s brake system plays an important role on your vehicle.

Even race car drivers stated that it is a lot more important to be able to stop than to have a great amount of power or speed in your vehicle.

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